Core Area

Max Law Firm include the lawyers dealing with the following areas of practice:-

• Civil and Criminal laws

• Corporate and Commercial law

• Intellectual Property Rights

•Real Estate and Construction laws

• Labour and Employment law

• Arbitration Matters

• Banking and Financial matters

• Matters related to Stamp and Registration Act

• Company law

• Consumer Protection Act

• Revenue and Land Acquisition matters

• Labour Compliances matter including Shop and Commercial Establishment Act, Contract Labour Act, ESI & EPF

• Establishment of Joint Ventures, Project Offices, Liaison Offices, Branch Offices, etc.

• Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

• Drafting and registration of Deeds

• Dispute Resolution and Litigation in almost all sectors

• Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Diverse legal services for other sectors.

•Cases relating to waqf matters

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